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 Horseback riding in addition to providing moments of great fun, has numerous physical, psychological and social benefits that differentiate it from other traditional sports.

 1 . Increases concentration and improves learning skills

 2 . Develops the five senses

 3 . Improves general physical conditioning and reflexes

 4 . Develops time-space orientation

 5 . Improves self-esteem, self-confidence and encourages good decision making

 6 . Promotes body awareness and autonomy

 7 . Improves academic performance

 8 . Promotes relaxation and reduces stress through contact with the horse

 9 . Helps to promote self-control and also reduces aggression  and improves social skills.

 Therapeutic horse riding is a therapeutic and educational approach which is used for children and adults with a variety of physical, cognitive, emotional and developmental disabilities. It combines the basic concepts of classical riding with the theoretical foundations of rehabilitation. It contributes to the improvement of physical, emotional, social, cognitive, behavioural and educational skills as well as being a healthy and fun activity.

 Horses are extremely sensitive to the environment and are able to recognize people's feelings and intentions. Horses don´t judge people by their appearances and respond, instead, to the person’s inner substance. That capacity is used to develop, increase and improve the communication and social skills of the riders who learn appropriate behaviour and manners and also  build relationships with the horses by riding and taking care of them and also with other people by working in teams and being responsibile for the their horses.


 The warmth and three dimensional movement of the horse (up and down, left and right, forward and backward) is transmitted through the rider’s body, making it more relaxed and supple, improving balance, mobility, posture and co-ordination, strengthening muscles, increases circulation and promotes better overall health.

For those with mental or emotional disabilities, the unique relationship formed with their horse can lead to increased confidence, patience and self-esteem, as well as emotional well-being and relaxation. The sense of independence found on horseback benefits all our riders.


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