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   Monte Barrão Beef  is an innovative product of exceptional quality that is delivered to your home. We only offer certified sustainable beef meaning that the greatest of care is taken to run our business in an ecologically sustainable manner. We select only the finest animals fed by field grazing supplemented with high quality hay which is produced on site. The product is then dry-aged for approximately three weeks resulting in a unique texture and flavour that only this meticulous process can provide.

 Our usual package comes with approximately 10 kilos, which includes 12-15 vacuum-packed cuts of beef with each cut being a possible meal for 2-5 people. All packages have the same number of cuts for grilling (6-8), cooking (2-3) and minced meat or hamburgers (4-5).

  For your convenience, the shipments are delivered right to your door in refrigerated vans by a professional delivery service. You will receive by email an instructional brochure which includes :

  • A brief description of all the differente types of cuts we offer from which you will receive a selected assortment;

  • Suggestions for the best way to prepare each cut of meat;

  • Recommended recipes so you can make the most of your Monte Barrão Beef.

  The normal price is 11,50€ per Kilo, which includes delivery and handling charges.

  Make sure to take advantage of our special promotions:

- FIRST_TIME Customers will benefit from a 5% discount on their first order, as a welcoming promotion from Monte Barrão. 

- PREMIUM Customers (those who order 3 or more shipments per year) are eligible for a 10% discount;

- ADVOCATE Customers (those customers who both make an order and refer a new customer who also orders) will get a  5% discount. This promotion can be used with either of the previous two promotions.

 We are always striving to improve our services and products and invite you to send us your suggestions and comments, or your favourite cuts of beef so we can customize your shipments. We want you to be a satisfied customer.

  We are certain that you will have a perfect meal with Monte Barrão Beef!

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