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Monte Barrão Riding Holidays

Welcome to our friendly Monte Barrão stud farm! Here you will have the opportunity to ride well-educated Lusitanos and enjoy the warm atmosphere. Riders of all levels are welcome, and consideration is taken to each individual’s needs.

Monte Barrão stud farm is a 600-hectare property, located a few kilometers distance from the village of Alter do Chão, 137 km north of Lisbon, has been owned by the same family since the 16th century. There are several agricultural activities here, including grape and olive production, livestock, and Lusitanian horse breeding, in addition to an agro-tourism aspect.

The Country House is in the middle of a big property with horses, cattle, water dams, vineyards and fields of olive trees, sunflowers, corn and other crops.

You can relax in the pool or under a big holmoak or cork tree, or even in a hammock, horseback ride, go for walks and visit the towns around. You can also find a whole range of activities organized on demand: Visiting wineries and wine tasting, picnics around the dam or outside the property, and many more.

Equestrian tourism with all kinds of activities related to nature and the rural world. This program allows you to discover and experience the exceptional landscape and traditions of this unique corner of the “Hight” Alentejo region. Here you will have the opportunity to stay in a wonderful country house, enjoy riding lessons, horse-drawn carriage rides, horseback riding through the countryside. In the same way, be in contact with a Lusitano stud farm or do a guided tour of the Monte Barrão vineyards and the Terras De Alter wine cellar followed by a wine tasting featuring 4 of the best wines. At our farm we have an outside and inside arena.

What we offer:

-Two- or six-nights full boarding with breakfast at Boavista Country House

-Lesson or/and trail ride every day

-Delicious home cooked lunches and dinners.


Two nights - 420€ (single room) / 348€ (double room)

Six nights - 1392€ (single room) / 1140€ (double room)

Extra nights can be added to the price of 90€ per night per single room or 60€ per night per double room.


00351 919632368

*Your booking will be confirmed after 50% deposit to the following account: IBAN PT50001800033677220002077

If you have any question don’t hesitate to contact us!


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