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Your mind spends about 70% of its time replaying memories and creating scenarios of PERFECT MOMENTS.

Sons do Monte Barrão 01 - Helena Eusébio Borges/ Sérgio Rebelo
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 Experience the moments life has to offer

You can relax in the pool or under a big Holmoak or Cork tree, or even in a hammock, go for walks, visit the towns around, etc. You can also find a whole range of activities organised on demand: Visiting winery and wine tasting, horseback ridind, picnics around the dam or outside the property, weekends of Perfect Body and Mind Moments, and many more.
Horseback Riding
Boavista Country House
 A very nice Country House in the midle of a big property with horses, cattle, water dams, vineyards and fields of olive trees, sunflowers, corn and other crops.

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